We check our phones hundreds of times per day...

We use our devices to search for how-to videos and to find directions to a new restaurant. We reach for our phone when we need an emergency plumber, or when we break down on the side of the road. We share our memories, engage in debates, and do our shopping on social media. In 2019, cell phones typically don't leave our sides. They are easily the most personal device in the history of man, second only to a pacemaker... maybe. You have 2-4 seconds to make an impression on a new customer when they are looking for what you do. Millennials are an “instant gratification” generation of buyers. If your page doesn’t load quickly, offer relevant & useful information, and provide mobile convenience... NEXT! That’s the mindset of today’s market. Can you REALLY afford to miss out?

There is a reason why all social media platforms ask you for URL links to your website. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube... these are all vital *supplements* to your online presence, but they are not replacements. Don't cheat yourself out of an opportunity to educate and advertise to new customers, just because you think "social media is cheaper and easier."

When you call JCripps Design for your website needs, you can expect a one-on-one consultation, and professional service every step of the way. We are never more than an email away during the design process... even in the middle of the night. In the end, we will deliver a modern, mobile responsive, and dynamic website with all kinds of goodies you've always wanted — usually ready to launch less than a month after you place your order. All of our websites are hosted by Shopify, so they are simple to manage on your own, have trusted payment processing services already built-in, utilize beautiful and dynamic custom themes from our favorite theme developers at Out of the Sandbox, come with ongoing free technical support, are ready to expand later (whether you do it yourself or hire us to help).