A few hundred times per day...

...your customers are scrolling on their phones and playing with their various electronic devices. They are listening to music, chatting with their friends, watching instructional videos, playing games, starting companies, writing songs, and anything else you can possible think of. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Tumblr, Google Play, Vimeo, Reddit, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, XBox... and on and on and on. We reckon there are more apps and platforms out there than there are dollars in a bank… and this is where most of your customers are all day, in between interacting with their friends and families and going to work and school. 

Are you devoting enough time to this important marketing strategy? Chances are, you aren't spending nearly enough time as is required to be effective. It can take several hours per week of scheduling posts, developing effective advertisements, conducting market research, correcting bad information on the internet, addressing reviews, uploading content, and answering inquiries.

Many times, companies are forced to hire someone to run all of this for them because it's literally a full time job. Anyone who has ever had employees knows how expensive it is to hire someone, after the cost of a position’s initial onboarding training, ongoing salary, benefits, paid vacations, sick days, federal and state taxes, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation programs. What if JCripps Design could do it for you? We can guarantee that our costs are substantially less the expenses associated with hiring a new employee, so it's a no-brainer that outsourcing should be a first priority for your company.