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JCripps Design is a full-service marketing and branding agency, headquartered in the Topeka, Kansas area. Originally founded in 2010 by our Senior Graphic Designer, Janelle Cripps, we celebrated the grand opening of our first brick and mortar location in central Topeka in 2019. We work with local and international clients alike, virtually and in-person, and we boast over 25 years combined training and experience. We have a tight-knit globally distributed team that is dedicated to putting our hearts and souls into every project we create. We want to break the mold for the marketing and design industries, so we pride ourselves on providing #NoNonsense marketing services to all of our clients. Let us know how we can help you reach your goals today.

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The Millennial-Dominated Buyer’s Market

24 May, 2019

How well do you personally know your customers? If you're like most business owners, it is probably not as well as you'd like to think. For hundreds of years, many proud business owners have built lasting companies on what is referred to as “word-of-mouth” marketing. Your reputation in your community was what mattered most toward the success or failure of your business. Until recently, that reputation was almost always built on the personal relationships you developed within your community. 

Stop the creative highway robbery, already.

24 May, 2019

One of the most important aspects of tying all your marketing efforts together is to provide rich and dynamic content. This deepens the sense of "validity" of your brand. You seem more legit, like you aren't just some sketchy pop-up company nobody really knows anything about. Custom slides are great for your website header, and as cover images for social media platforms. Videos are another awesome way to funnel visitors, and can serve as cost-effective alternatives to TV commercials. The problem we keep running into in our local markets is that most of the people offering these services seem to be struggling with cost efficiency so that it can actually be affordable for clients. Sure, lots of big named corporations don’t have any problems shelling out a few grand for a professional photo shoot and custom video editing.

Print Isn’t Dead.

24 May, 2019

If a well-meaning sales guy comes to your office and tells you that print marketing is dead… DO take it easy on him. DON'T listen to him. Why? Because tangibility is the number one way to create an imprint of something in our rote memory, for all the same reasons why we remember things better when we physically write them down. T-shirts, banners, brochures, business cards, storefront signage, and postcards are all highly relevant to your business branding efforts. Even though marketing is evolving from TV, Radio, and Billboard advertising, that doesn't mean that printed materials aren't still relevant in today's market.