If a well-meaning sales guy comes into your office...

...and tells you that print marketing is dead, DO take it easy on him. DON'T listen to him. Why? Because tangibility is the number one way to create an imprint of something in our rote memory, for all the same reasons why we remember things better when we physically write them down.

T-shirts, banners, brochures, business cards, storefront signage, and postcards are all highly relevant to your business branding efforts. Even though marketing is evolving from TV, Radio, and Billboard advertising, that doesn't mean that printed materials aren't still relevant in today's market. Clearly marking your storefront location helps people find you easier when they want to give you their business. Sending your work crew out wearing t-shirts that sport your logo helps new customers remember your brand. Passing out flyers gives potential new clients something they can see and feel. A striking business card is as important as your eye contact and the firmness of your first handshake with a new client.

While we’re on the subject of logos... Did you know that your logo is your first impression in “buyer psychology?” It embodies what your customers see when they think of your name, and it is the first thing that comes to mind when customers need your services later down the road. It defines who you are — just ask that plumber guy! Every available marketing strategy starts and ends here. Many businesses that have been around for a while have outdated logos, websites, and marketing materials. Don’t let that be you. Today’s marketing is more attracted to companies who present a fresh and unique face to their prospective customers. In 2019, business-owners operate in a millennial-dominated buyer’s market. That means catering to the tastes of millennials if you want to land new customers. They don’t typically want to visit some stuffy doctor’s office with an old, choppy website that looks like it was created before they were born. Don’t be “that guy.”