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JCripps Design is a full-service marketing agency headquartered in the Topeka, KS area. We have a globally distributed team, and we work with clients in our local community as well as national and international clients of all sizes.

A globally distributed team means that we have team members all over the world that work together on different projects. This is awesome because it helps us keep our overhead costs down, allowing us to pass savings on to our clients. As well, interacting with each other as a global team means that we enjoy a really rich and diverse atmosphere together. We all bring different skills and life experiences to the table, and when we put those skills to work for our clients, we produce some really awesome things!

We specialize in website design and development, web and mobile application design and development, graphic design for the web and printed media, social media management, and start-up business consulting. We also do a lot of smaller odd-ball tasks, such as fixing free online business directory listings, managing and updating existing websites, writing ad copy and designing the graphics for paid ad campaigns, and writing content for all kinds of different purposes (blogs, research papers, manuals, presentations, flyers, catalogs, etc).

We work with businesses and non-profit organizations in our local community, as well as national and international clients through virtual hiring platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. Everyone who has a message to share has a marketing need. So whether a local church needs to print banners and flyers to promote a fundraising event they are having, or a large business needs to revamp their website and design a custom mobile app, we’ve got them covered.

Most of our new clients are really turned off by marketing agencies and ask us how we are any different than other places they have worked with before, that ultimately delivered unsatisfactory results. Our answer is simple... because we simply don’t play those games. We aren’t going to throw all kinds of random numbers at you, we aren’t promising you the world on a gas station budget, and we aren’t running up hourly billing for stuff that isn’t even tangible to the business owner. We keep our pricing at fixed-rates whenever possible, and we roll our sleeves up and put in actual work. We aren’t white-gloving every little thing we can. That’s what we built our team on, and those are the kind of businesses that we help. We simply get it done, and we believe in empowering business owners to learn the necessary skills to manage their own marketing even long after we have fulfilled their orders, because we are WELL AWARE of how difficult it is for newer companies to hire professional help. We’ve been there!

We definitely recommend that you check us out!!! You can search for us online and find us just about everywhere.

YEP. We’ve been there. Many small- and medium-sized businesses are trying to bootstrap their way to better lives, and that’s what we came from as well. So we always try to work with people no matter what budget they are working with, because professional branding and marketing are often key players in a company’s success or failure. We even have programs available to help out with this!

JCripps Design On A Dime is a program we developed for small businesses to access professional marketing and branding services, even when they have tight budgets. Business owners can refer more established friends that own businesses and might need our services. If that client lets us know who referred them and we complete a project for them, the referring individual can earn up to 20% credit toward their OWN marketing projects (or 10% cash back in case they need something else we don’t offer). This means that a hopeful client can earn enough referral credit to order an entire website, mobile application, help with social media, professional graphics, and so much more.... TOTALLY FOR FREE. Just because they knew a friend who also needed marketing anyways!

Every quarter, we select one marketing project for a local non-profit or charitable/humanitarian group and donate our time to help them out. This could be a website, a mobile app, help with managing social media, creating a video, designing flyers and banners, or any number of things. The only costs to the organization would be the cost of printing physical materials or any other sign-up fees/platform fees that aren’t in-house (which is dictated solely by the company or service they are needing — like signing up for Quickbooks or purchasing a domain). Otherwise, it’s all free. We research and choose the projects that we think might have the highest positive impact on the world around them, but the most financial need. Other than that, there are no other restrictions.

EASY! Our referral program helps us keep our doors open and our calendars full while helping small business owners access services they may have otherwise not been able to afford. That’s a big deal for us, because we’ve been there as small business owners. Our Pro Bono program helps us do our part to support impactful causes in our local communities that might have otherwise not gained any traction without professional guidance. In short, because it helps us to keep feeling like we’re making a difference in the world around us and not just selling people random junk they don’t need. There is enough of that going around, #thankyouverymuch.

Just reach out and let us know! We will do some digging and see if we can help you out!

If you’d like to sign up for the JCripps Design On A Dime program, all you have to do is just make a customer account here. If you refer someone and they place an order with us, we’ll update your account to reflect your credit once their order is complete.

If you’d like to be considered for the Pro Bono Program, just shoot us an email and tell us all about your organization and what you’re hoping to accomplish for your project. We’ll get back with you ASAP to let you know about our availability and get familiar with your goals and what you’re needing help with!

Absolutely. We offer an additional 10% off all services for all critical service providers, no limits. This includes current and veteran service members, on active duty and in reserve, as well as law enforcement, corrections, emergency medical personnel, healthcare professionals, farmers, and educators of all grade levels. These benefits ALSO extend to their immediate families. If you would like to use this discount, please reach out to us before placing your order so that we can verify your status and send you a unique discount code to apply at checkout. Thank you for your service to the people of our nation.

You need to know that all services that we provide to our clients are subject to our agency’s Terms of Service. You will be required to sign a formal acknowledgement of these terms before we start any project for you, even if it is your 10th time ordering from us.

Definitely! We run on Shopify, so your payment method is protected by their carefully constructed secure payment gateways. Plus, you can also use PayPal, or even select “Upwork” as your payment method, and head over to search our name and start a project under the Upwork Platform for additional payment protection as well.

We definitely get it. Let us know what questions you have, we’re happy to help! You can reach us by phone, email, social media, LinkedIn, Upwork... any way that is convenient for you, we’re here! If you are concerned about placing your order properly, getting the details just right, or simply trusting a “random company on the internet,” we definitely understand. Let us know how we can help you get more acquainted with our processes!

First of all... that’s really messed up. Second of all, we PROMISE not to do that. We’ve been around for a long time. We are not a new agency, we have a real life presence in our local community, and we really are a real place. We encourage you to give us a thorough investigation!

Once you place your order for one of our more in-depth services (like web design, logo design, etc) you’ll receive an email to request more information from you. It will explain what information we need specifically for each type of service that you have ordered. Before we start, we will reach out to you directly to make sure we have everything we need and to talk about your overall vision for your project.

It all depends on the project, but we will give you an official quote when we onboard your project. We usually have a 2-3 week turnaround time for web design and development, while most graphic design projects only take a few days. It all depends on how fast you submit assets and information and the speed that we communicate back and forth.

All of our creative services come with 2 standard revisions, which means you’ll have two chances to let us know exactly how we can revise to make your project just how you’d like it. After that, you can still make changes, but it will be subject to additional billing.

Social media management is a full-time job. To hire someone full-time at minimum wage (Kansas is currently $7.25/hour) that’s approximately $1256.67 per month, not including training costs, employer taxes, unemployment insurance, added payroll expenses, and any other benefits. Our most expensive package is currently $799.

Go for it! Managing social media is NOT rocket science, and there aren’t any special tips and tricks to it that you can’t find by performing due diligence in researching it. Nobody NEEDS to hire someone to do social media... IF they have the time to dedicate to doing it for themselves. We offer our services to help those clients who do NOT have the time to do it themselves and are looking for a more cost effective alternative to hiring someone in-house. But there aren’t any magic tricks here! All business owners are 100% capable of doing this on their own with enough time and dedication. It’s just that it takes a lot of time and dedication.

The extent of our work depends on the package you select. The differences between each option are the number of platforms we will run, the number of hours we will dedicate to management tasks, the extent of our management tasks, and whether we help with graphic design included in the package or not. Generally we will post custom-curated content designed to boost engagement and interact with your customers whenever they comment. We will pay attention to what your audience is reacting to and maximize those posts. On on premium plan, we will also create custom branded graphics for you to share intermittently throughout the month to help show who you are and what you are all about, as well as showcase special events and announcements you might have. We are available to answer any questions you have as well. You’ll be set up on a recurring billing plan that you can cancel anytime with no obligations.

NOPE. This is NOT paid advertisements. This also isn’t Pay-Per-Click or any variation of that. We will find, share, and manage custom-curated content for you and interact with your users organically. The only cost is the total of your original order.

Kind of. As a part of your premium package, we will design graphics and write ad copy for you at no additional charge. We will even set up the ad campaigns to reach your targeted demographic, and set your daily budget for the relevant platform. However, we don’t pitch ROIs and expected conversions, we don’t make any promises, and we don’t report on the results as an agency. We will advise you and help you navigate the process and help where we can, but officially managing and selling paid advertisements is not our primary focus in our agency at this time.

This is a buildable service. That means that over time, you will see your user engagement become more and more involved in interacting with your content. We watch what is working and what isn’t for your audience, and each month we make adjustments to what we post accordingly. The ramp up period for social media management is approximately three months (one quarter). This is due to the length of time it takes to truly propagate your increased activity through to the algorithms that different social media platforms use to decide which content to push to users so we can find the “sweet spot” and maximize your engagement. All platforms use different algorithms, so the first three months you should expect for your results to vary widely as that process is honed in on for your specific industry. Once you make it through that growing period, you should see regular and consistent engagement each month that we will formally report to you on after that point.

When you order print design from us, it covers the cost of our actual design work. You will get two standard revisions to make sure we have everything right. Depending on what type of design you have ordered, we may deliver two versions of your design (one designed for sharing on the web, and one designed for printing). You can place your print order with us later or send to your favorite printer.

We can pretty much design anything you need. Our most common orders include business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, stickers, t-shirts, and trade show materials. We can also design custom window clings, outdoor signs, door hangers, directmail pieces, and vehicle wraps. Even if we haven’t listed it here, we can usually get you taken care of. Just reach out and let us know what you need!

We’re adding our detailed design pricing soon, and eventually we have plans to build a custom print order estimate function into our website. Until then, we charge a standard $49 for basic designs, $99 for complex designs, and $10 for additional names for business cards. Let us know if you’re looking for print and we can help you out one-on-one! We are hoping to have these features completed within the next month or so (as of May 2019). 

At this time, just reach out and let us know what you’re looking for. You’ll need to let us know what type of product you need to print, your quantity, and if you have paper choices already decided. Otherwise, we will walk you through your options and give you a custom quote.

Absolutely! We are happy to send over your designs with print-marks and bleed according to your printer’s specifications. If you have details, please attach them to your order or send it over to us via email and we will make sure to follow the specs in our design process.

Check back soon for detailed updates to our FAQ!