Stop the creative highway robbery, already.

One of the most important aspects of tying all your marketing efforts together is to provide rich and dynamic content. This deepens the sense of "validity" of your brand. You seem more legit, like you aren't just some sketchy pop-up company nobody really knows anything about. Custom slides are great for your website header, and as cover images for social media platforms. Videos are another awesome way to funnel visitors, and can serve as cost-effective alternatives to TV commercials.

The problem we keep running into in our local markets is that most of the people offering these services seem to be struggling with cost efficiency so that it can actually be affordable for clients. Sure, lots of big named corporations don’t have any problems shelling out a few grand for a professional photo shoot and custom video editing.

But many of the businesses in Topeka AREN’T big name corporations. When we have inflated pricing, we deny access to important marketing tools that businesses need to stay relevant in their markets and stimulate our local economy. This is a huge problem. And for what.. a few extra dollars in a videographer’s pocket? Good job, guys.

Yeah. We said it.

JCripps Design has you covered when it comes to developing custom content that helps you stand apart from your competitors. From music videos and promotional gigs, to whiteboard instructionals and animated commercials, we have you covered. We have all kinds of resources at our fingertips to create just about anything, and we are doing it at lower rates so that every sized business can access professional marketing. Not just corporate entities.

We understand what it is like to bootstrap a business in the trenches, stretching every dollar as far as it can go until traction is gained and upward momentum achieved. That’s why we stand by our tagline of #NoNonsense Marketing... because we owe it to our city to offer solutions for once.

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