Logo Design: You Get What You Pay For

Your logo is your first impression in “buyer psychology.” It embodies what your customers see when they think of your name, it is the first thing that comes to mind when customers need your services later down the road, and it defines who you are. Just ask that plumber guy! Every available marketing strategy starts here, and ends here.

Many businesses that have been around for a while have outdated logos, websites, and marketing materials. Don't let that be you. Today's market is more attracted to companies who present a fresh and unique face to their prospective customers. And millennials don't want to visit some stuffy doctor's office with an old choppy website that looks like it was created before they were born. Don't be "that guy."

Even though most people understand that this is an important first step in developing a new company or rebranding an existing one, too many of our clients have attempted to order this service from customizable websites or inexperienced designers who were not prepared to deliver their design assets to all of the specifications that our clients eventually needed. There have been quite a few cases where we couldn’t even get in contact with the original designers anymore, and had to recreate the client’s logo by hand. Eeeesh. 

Bring your company's entire image into this century, and don't spend an arm and a leg to do it. When you purchase logo design services from us, you can expect to meet with our designers and discuss your business, goals, and company image. We will create various different "design concepts," or ideas, to embody your company's goals. You will have the option to choose your favorites and make any revisions to get your perfect image.

All logos include full rights for master .ai files, standard delivered in vector format (meaning you can make it ginormous without any fuzzy issues). We’ve got a rapid turnaround time, and we make sure 

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